Our Story


Saga-PCE was established in 2008 and is headquartered in Singapore. Saga-PCE is the exclusive worldwide distributor for PT Sagatrade Murni products and services.

In 2013, Saga-PCE became an equity partner of Lancaster Flow Automation, a designer and manufacturer of premium production chokes to form Saga- Lancaster Holdings.

Lancaster Flow Automation (LFA) which is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Saga Lancaster Holdings LLC produces a state of the art automated production choke valve that is used for onshore and offshore oil and gas production applications.

The patented Lancaster choke design has expanded our sales and operations into the Middle East, Asia, and the growing shale market in the United States.

Saga-Lancaster has opened a new facility in Samarinda, Indonesia, to complement it’s Houston manufacturing facility. It has also opened the Lancaster-Saga Service Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in November 2018 that offers workshop-based and on-site maintenance and repair of Lancaster-Saga chokes throughout the Persian Gulf region.

Typical orders can be completed within 30 days. Saga- Lancaster has sales offices and agents located in Singapore. Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Islamabad, and Brisbane.

Sagatrade Murni

PT Sagatrade Murni is the Indonesian partner of Saga-PCE and a pioneer of large-scale oilfield manufacturing operations in Asia.

Sagatrade Murni has manufactured high-quality float equipment since 1984. Liner hanger equipment and services was added to our product range in 1999. Since our inception we have been committed to providing the highest quality equipment and services to our customers.

Sagatrade Murni engineers are continually developing and testing new complimentary products to add to our product range. New products developed in 2015 include Saga Casing Packers and the Saga-Lancaster choke valve product line. Through our venture with Pro-Test Sagatrade Murni are providing well test services in Indonesia and beyond.

Samarinda manufacturing facility

SAGA’s products are manufactured in our purpose-built facility in Samarinda, where we produce our float equipment, stage collars, production chokes, inflatable packers and liner hanger equipment.

We have almost 20,000 square meters of floor space and employ over 250 specialists including engineers, CNC operators, QA and QC personnel, metal fabricators plus management and administration staff. Our state of the art facilities ensure we can efficiently fulfil large orders and our procurement and logistics processes ensure on-time delivery.